Thursday, February 26, 2009

Social media "The New Marketing Tool"

Ok so I got an email that I should be blogging some more so here it goes. I have a cold so bare with me if some things make no sense.

The heat is up on project 2 and I have to say our team “the contenders” is really bringing it. Our strategy has been solid since the beginning and the results are showing. I’m learning so much about social media far more than I expected to learn.

I recently attended a social media workshop at Regis University. Although, I lost my folder where I had my notes while filming our E-cycle video I will go over what I learned.

Social media has become the new medium by which businesses are promoting their products. The spin on this new marketing approach for businesses is an “interactive” approach. It has become evident that social media is a direct communication between businesses and their consumers. Businesses have far more control over their image through these internet communication tools. They can address customers’ concerns and questions. Social medium also allows organizations know how people are reacting to their product, and advertising efforts faster than ever. If a person has complaints about a particular brand of product you will sure here about it on a site like Twitter.

On the other side of the coin regular people can network very easily with high ranking people in any business. It is fascinating how in the old days people used to network with people from the bottom up (through the secretary to higher levels) and now it is possible to start right at the top perhaps by connecting with a CEO who is using twitter.

In the Social media workshop I learned that it is all about giving (like it is in life in general) and people who are ineffective with this internet tool make the mistake of solely focusing on what they want. For example many people who are there to promote their products or even their opinion solely focus on that. Instead of taking the time to help out people, give advice, pay attention to other people’s messages and responding to them. It’s kind of like in real life where most people want to talk and talk without listening. Well when a person comes a long who REALLY listens people are drawn to them. It is the same for social media. It is important to listen to others on these websites if you plan to be listened to. Again it is an INTERACTIVE medium of communication not just a one way form of communication.

I asked several questions to the panelist at this social media workshop. One was about how to publicize a local event through social media (answer: find and contact the influencers in your field and geographical area, make use of the social networks that the organizers are already on), and how to build a business using social media (answer: create trust, give away something of value, contribute to others' goals.)

Overall I learned that the possibilities with social media are endless. I hope this post was informative to everyone who might need social media in the future.

Till next time and best wishes to everyone!


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